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15 minutes: $40
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Make the Most of your Reading!

To make the most of your reading:

·  Write down your questions in advance. If you don't, the minute we start the reading, you'll forget what you wanted to ask. Happens every time.
·  I give a lot of information. Sometimes the reading goes right through me and I don't always remember afterwards what we said. Take notes..
·  Be ready for the unexpected. When I "open the door" sometimes your other pets, even ones in spirit, will use the opportunity to rush in to talk to you. People in spirit sometimes do the same thing. Your pets probably have heard you say you are going to do the reading and are ready to talk to you. Sometimes they have their own lists!

Return for Checkups!

The process is the same for follow ups.

In addition to telling you what's on your pet's mind, I also give you practical instructions on how to take care of the situation to make you and your pet happy.


Here are some photos of my client family. If you'd like to be included, please send me your pet's photo and name and we'll add it to our Hall of Fame!


I took this photo of the Mama lion at the Santa Barbara Zoo. She was proud to show off her cub, who was a few months old at the time, but like all mothers, needed a “time out” from “Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama!” so she climbed to this high rock perch and took a nap, while Baby amused himself below. I think her smile tells it all.

Marta and Kabir

Bobo Frotin

Chloe Presta

Kampbell and Jason Marholin

Do you live on the 
 Oregon Coast
and need some consultation for your pet or for yourself?


Use Paypal to pay me with a credit card!

15 minutes: $40

30minutes: $60

60minutes: $95


For housecalls outside of the Oregon Coast area, email for info.


All I need for the reading is the pet's name!

Whether readings are via phone or in person (housecall), the rate for my readings is the same.


Diosa Penn

Toby Vaszovich

At Sunnybrook Stables

Bubbles Shaheen

Vajra, Mitra, Bhakti, and Bodhi Yeager-Sharp contemplating the birds on the deck outside. Very Zen.

Desi Russell ("When are we going to talk about ME?")

Keiko and Topo Presta

Scooter Flannery prepares to drive to Petco.

Virgil and Millie Beniak going crazy at Virgil's 12th birthday bash.

Amos Sankey

Jen Anthony & Roxy

Daisy Hadalla

Dakota Thompson

Benny Thompson

Boo Boo Austerling

Stretchie Austerling

Big Al Austerling

Deb and Copper

Lucy Russell

Tilly showing off her brand new shell

Jake Jensen

Alexa and Alfie
Frodo Kammeyer
Mayumi & Mika with Yuzu, Chii, Fuu & Natsu Yoshida

Puppy love at PGE fundraiser


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