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Make the Most of your Reading!

To make the most of your reading:

·  Write down your questions in advance. If you don't, the minute we start the reading, you'll forget what you wanted to ask. Happens every time.
·  I give a lot of information. Sometimes the reading goes right through me and I don't always remember afterwards what we said. Take notes..
·  Be ready for the unexpected. When I "open the door" sometimes your other pets, even ones in spirit, will use the opportunity to rush in to talk to you. People in spirit sometimes do the same thing. Your pets probably have heard you say you are going to do the reading and are ready to talk to you. Sometimes they have their own lists!

Return for Checkups!

The process is the same for follow ups.

In addition to telling you what's on your pet's mind, I also give you practical instructions on how to take care of the situation to make you and your pet happy.

About the Readings

All I need for the reading is the name of the animal or person - no information or photos are required.

I believe everyone comes into life with a purpose. My purpose is to help people and animals. I've been psychic all my life. When I was a kid, I thought everyone could talk to animals (and "hear" their response) and see and hear people that "weren't there". As I got older, I found out that not only can everyone not do it, most of them think you're nuts when you say you can."

I have done readings professionally for about 30 years. All through those years, my guides have worked with me and I have studied and learned. Because I thought my path led through ministry, I became a Methodist minister and pastored a church for a couple of years in New York. I found out at that time that I helped more people (and animals) with my readings than I ever did behind the pulpit. So now, my ministry is my readings.

Usually, I love to do pet readings. Animals are honest, they're living in the moment, and they've taught me a lot about life. Beside pet readings, I also do people readings: I recreate the plan my clients made up before their birth, which has a lot of fascinating information. I also "see dead people" and animals who have passed into spirit.

I am the only reader I know of who doesn't need to have the animal present or even a photo to do the reading. In the case of a phone reading (or, when I do readings on the radio) I ask that my clients tell me nothing at all about the pet or person they want to contact except their name. When I have a name, I see the pet or person and describe him/her to the client to make sure we have the right person or pet before we proceed. I always tell my clients that I never know what's going to happen when I "open the door". "Sometimes other pets or people, alive or in spirit come charging in and want their turn."

Frankly, I like to make house calls because I like to play with the pets, but I can do readings over the phone, too. I start a reading by scanning the pet on the inside for his physical condition. I must say here that I am not a veterinarian and if I see something wrong, I advise the client to seek the expertise of their vet. But now, armed with more info, they can tell the doctor "where it hurts". Injuries and illnesses from the past can turn up, too, and so I will ask the client if the pet is suffering from those things at the moment to find out if they need attention. If I don't see a problem and the animal is on medication for that problem, it means the medication is working well. Animals see symptoms of aging, for example, as natural effects of growing older. That's why I will usually ask how old your pet is - to see where he is in the aging process. Injuries or illnesses that haven't yet manifested can show up too, so you can be aware when they do, or take steps to avoid them. By the time I finish this medical scanning, the animal is usually comfortable with me and we go on.

People call me for one or more of these three reasons:

  • they want to change a pet's behavior and want to know why they are acting a certain way

  • they want to know what was in their pet's life before they came to live with them (owners of rescued pets are particularly interested in this information)

  • they're curious to know what their pet is thinking, if they have needs or wants, or they have questions for him, or they want to ask him questions. "What does he think about me?" is a common one.

My fee for an in-home reading or a phone reading is $95 per hour, $60 for a half hour, and $40 for 15 minutes.



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