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15 minutes: $40
30 minutes: $60
60 minutes: $95

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Make the Most of your Reading!

To make the most of your reading:

·  Write down your questions in advance. If you don't, the minute we start the reading, you'll forget what you wanted to ask. Happens every time.
·  I give a lot of information. Sometimes the reading goes right through me and I don't always remember afterwards what we said. Take notes..
·  Be ready for the unexpected. When I "open the door" sometimes your other pets, even ones in spirit, will use the opportunity to rush in to talk to you. People in spirit sometimes do the same thing. Your pets probably have heard you say you are going to do the reading and are ready to talk to you. Sometimes they have their own lists!

Return for Checkups!

The process is the same for follow ups.

In addition to telling you what's on your pet's mind, I also give you practical instructions on how to take care of the situation to make you and your pet happy.



As an animal communicator / pet psychic based in Los Angeles I believe everyone comes into life with a purpose. My purpose is to help people and animals. I've been psychic all my life. When I was a kid, I thought everyone could talk to animals (and "hear" their response) and see and hear people that "weren't there". As I got older I found out most people can't do these things and think you're nuts if you say you can.

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I have decided to join the 21st century and start a blog. So, instead of the newsletter, I'm now blogging at Facebook (God help me). Just put "petreader.com" in the search. I'll also be answering questions and posting news there.


These are the kinds of readings I do:

  • Pet Readings
    (see below)
  • People Readings:

    • Past Life Readings
    • Life Plan Readings (I re-create your plan for this life - why you're here, lessons you want to learn, tools of personality you packed to use, what you planned for various times in your life, etc.)
    • Medium Readings - I communicate with people who have passed on into spirit

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People call me for pet readings:

  • When they want to change "bad" behavior
  • When they want to know why their pet's behavior has changed
  • When they want to know about their pet's life before he came to live with them (particularly when the pet is a rescue)
  • When they want to know if their pet has any needs or wants
  • When they want to know if it is time to put their pet to sleep
  • When they want to reach pets who have passed into spirit
  • Out of curiosity

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Do you live in the 
 Los Angeles area
and need some consultation for your pet or for yourself?


Use Paypal to pay me with a credit card!

15 minutes: $40

30minutes: $60

60minutes: $95


For housecalls, I cover within 10 miles of Los Angeles, and may consider greater distances.


All I need for the reading is the pet's name!

Whether readings are via phone or in person (housecall), the rate for my readings is the same.

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